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Bike Shop Services

Caring For You & Your Bike Service Needs

Our promise to you - Routes Outfitter's bike shop will always serve you with integrity, professionalism, kindness, and care. 

Our technicians are trained by our Master Technician in-house…and engage regularly in continual learning opportunities through our brand partners and manufacturers. We are committed to ongoing improvements in all of our services…all the time. We have a strong range of capabilities from basic bike care & maintenance to advanced suspension overhauls & performance upgrades.

Our shop staff live to serve, and we love people, bikes, and the awesome outdoors. If you have any questions about our bike shop services, please visit, call, or email anytime! 

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Tune Packages*

For the most comprehensive service and the best value, our complete tune packages are a great option for you and your bike. We also offer 1x bike services if you're in need of general repairs, adjustments, or upgrades.

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*Please read all notes and disclosures at the bottom of this page.

"Quick Check"

Simple Check & Adjust


Functional Check

Safety Check

Simple Shifting & Brake Adjustments

Lube Chain

Air Tires

Frame Wipe Down

Simple Diagnostic

Basic Tune

Adult Bikes


Quick Check plus…

Thorough Bike Wash

Full Shift/ Brake / Derailleur Adjustments

Bolt Tightness Check

True Wheels (Basic On-bike)

Check & Lube Chain

Check Suspension PSI (as needed)

Basic Part Installations

Advanced Tune

All Bikes

Great Value $185

"Basic Tune" plus...

Brake Bleeds or Cable Replacements
(as needed)

Full Drivetrain Overhaul
(disassemble, clean, & grease)

Advanced Wheel Truing

Air Tires
 (Tube Changes or Sealant Refresh as needed)

Full Detailing

Advanced+ Tune

Hardtail / Front Suspension

$215 Insane Value! 

"Advance Tune" plus...

"Lower Legs" Fork Service
 (Includes oil & foam rings - wipers replaced upon request or as needed)

Full Detailing

Advanced+ Tune

Dual Suspension MTB

$245 Insane Value!

"Advanced Tune" plus...

"Lower Legs" Fork Service
 (Includes oil & foam rings - wipers replaced upon request or as needed)

Shock "Can Service"
 (oil only unless 50hr kit requested)

Full Detailing

Advanced Tune


  • Pivot Refresh - $50

  • Cable Housing Replacement - $35

    Dropper Refresh - $40-80

    Spoke Replacement - $20 (up to 5)

    Tire Insert Installation - $35per / $60set

1x Bike Services*

Your bike is a complex machine, but keeping it performing at its best doesn't have to be. We love working on bikes and are capable to perform work on all types of bike repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. From basic repairs to complex suspension overhauls, we've got you covered.

*Please read all notes and disclosures at the bottom of this page.

Tires & Wheels

Replace Tube and/or Tubed Tire | $10/per, $15/pair

Tubeless Sealant Refresh | $10/per, $15/Pair

Install Tubeless Tire (No Tape) | $15/per, $25/pair

New Tubeless Setup | $25/per, 45/pair

Fat or Custom Tubeless Setup | $35/per, 65/pair

Simple Wheel True (on bike) | $15/per, $25/pair

Advanced Wheel True (machine) $25/per, $45/pair


Derailleur Adjust | $20/per

Install Front Derailleur | $25

Install Rear Derailleur $25

Install / Replace Hanger $30

Derailleur Hanger Align & Adjust | $35

Replace Derailleur Cable | $25

Replace / Install Cassette | $15-$25

Replace / Install Chainring | $15-$25

Replace / Install Master Link | $5

Replace / Install Chain | $15-$20

Full Crank Overhaul | $25-$75

Full Drivetrain Install $50-$100

Grips & Brakes

Grip Install | $10/per pair (free with purchase)

Bar Tape Install | $40/per pair

Brake Adjust | $15/per

Brake Cable Replacement $25/per

Brake Pad Replacement $25/per

Brake Bleed | $40/per, $70/pair

Replace All Cables/ Housing | $65


Basic Fork Installation (Swap)  |  $40

Rear Shock Installation (Swap)  |  $40

Basic Rear Shock Service ("50hr") $55

Advanced Rear Shock Service ("100-200hr") $110

Basic Fork Service ("Lower Legs") | $70

Advanced Fork Service ("100-200hr") | 110

Reverb Overhaul | $95

Dropper Post Install $40-$80

General Dropper Post Service  |  Call For Price

Miscellaneous Service

Box A Bike to Ship  |  $80

Build A Boxed Bike  |  $100-200

General Hourly Labor Rate  |  $80

Home Bike Servicing

We recommend having a few products at home to help you keep your bike in excellent working condition between your annual tune-ups. We have an excellent selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products, and quality work stands. Shop online and pickup your items for free on your next shop visit.

*Notes & Disclosures

  • All listed pricing is for labor only unless otherwise stated. Pricing Does Not include any parts needed to complete service. A parts quote will be issued prior to any work performed.
  • A signed Service Agreement and Quote is required for all work performed.
  • Arrangements for service can be made over phone or email, however, all bikes must be evaluated in-person before confirming service.  
  • Service drop off can be any time during open-hours and estimated completion of service will be communicated at that point.