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45NRTH Ragnarok BOA Cycling Boot

45NRTH Ragnarok BOA Cycling Boot
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Ragnarök BOA® boots are perfect for the hard-to-predict weather of late fall and early spring. Built to block cold and moisture, these lightweight cycling boots feature a 25ºF+ (-4ºC+) comfort range to keep feet warm and dry through the chill of late autumn and early spring rides.

- Free cleat plates for flat-pedal use are available upon request. Please contact brand support at
- Rated for 25ºF+ (-4ºC+) comfort
- Waterproof breathable membrane to manage moisture
- Neoprene ankle cuff to keep out moisture and road grit
- The BOA® Fit System delivers micro-adjustable, precision fit engineered to perform in the toughest conditions
- Real-rubber outsole with added grip for slippery surfaces
- 2-bolt cleat mount

A rubber compound electrostatically aligned with microscopic glass fibers to create abrasive protruding shards, increasing friction on slippery surfaces such as ice, wet wood, wet linoleum, and wet metal found on many stairs and floors.

An ultra-thin sheet of microporous material behind our textile shells keeps you dry and warm in the harshest weather conditions. Our waterproof, breathable membranes stop liquid from the outside, but release vapor from the inside for thermal and moisture regulation.

Micro-adjustable BOA closure for perfectly dialed fit.

Secure closure provides warmth and protection from the elements.

Footwear Sizing Assistant

Items needed: pen or pencil, large sheet of paper, tape-measure in millimeters.

Measure wearing socks that you will most often wear with these boots. You will be taking measurements of both feet!

STEP 1: Place a sheet of paper flat on the floor. Sit on a chair and place one foot on the paper. Apply pressure to your foot and trace the shape of that foot on the paper, carefully holding the pen vertically and perpendicular to the paper, tracing the foot as closely as possible without angling the pen in or out.

STEP 2: Using a tape-measure, measure the distance from the very bottom of the heel to the top of the longest toe, as illustrated in points A and B on the diagram. It is necessary to measure in three-digit millimeters (for example: 292mm)

STEP 3: Measure the distance spanning the ball of the foot at its widest point, as illustrated in points C and D on the diagram, using two or three digit millimeter measurements depending on the size of your foot.

STEP 4: Repeat the above steps for your other foot and compare the measurements. Find the longer of the two length measurements between your right and left feet, as well as the wider of the two width measurements.

STEP 5: Enter the longest length measurement and the widest width measurement in three-digit millimeters IN THE BOXES BELOW. Only enter one length measurement and one width measurement!

Size Conversion Chart
Size Length Width
36 210.00 — 226.00 75.00 — 80.00
37 226.00 — 233.00 77.50 — 82.50
38 233.00 — 239.00 83.00 — 89.50
39 239.00 — 241.00 85.00 — 91.00
40 241.00 — 246.50 86.00 — 93.00
41 246.50 — 254.00 86.50 — 95.00
42 254.00 — 261.00 88.00 — 96.00
43 261.00 — 269.00 90.00 — 98.00
44 269.00 — 275.00 93.00 — 99.00
45 275.00 — 283.00 93.00 — 103.00
46 283.00 — 289.00 95.00 — 108.00
47 289.00 — 295.50 96.00 — 112.50
48 295.50 — 301.00 98.00 — 117.50
50 301.00 — 316.00 102.00 — 122.50